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Multimedia Advertising Around Us


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When the animation and the graphic designs are used to sell products or services, then it is known as multimedia advertising. Multimedia has the following uses in advertisement :

  1. For the graphics of print and media ads.
  2. Creating Animations and engineering sounds of the ads to give it an appropriate aesthetically appealing look and feel.
  3. Editing for television commercials using tools like Apple cut pro and Adobe Photoshop.
  4. Creating 3D animations using software tools like Maya and 3DS Max.
  5. Using inpage software for designing print ads.
Multimedia Ads

Multimedia Ads

There are various forms of multimedia advertising like through videos, online advertising and DVDs, CDs etc. The companies can always increase their customers base through multimedia advertising therefore, multimedia advertising positively contributes in the marketing of the products and services.

Multimedia Ads

Multimedia Ads

Online advertising is an example of the use of multimedia in advertising and it has provided many benefits to the online companies and traditional companies as well. The better will be the dynamic digital advertising, which also comes under the  multimedia advertising, the better will be the effectiveness of the  advertising. Basically use of multimedia in advertising has brought a revolution in the traditional advertisement. In this way it increases the importance of  multimedia advertising for all of the companies which sell products and services.

Interactive Ads

Interactive Ads

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  1. Looking at the multimedia and internet development nowadays, of course is a huge advantage for the businessman in promoting their products or service online. but according to my opinion the effects of advertising that can now easily be found anywhere and at any time, making society into a society highly consumptive.


  2. erasadewo says:

    Dalam Advertising dikenal ada 2 jenis media yang dinamakan ATL dan BTL (konon nama ini adalah istilah dalam finansial) inilah yang kita temui dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. bayangkan dalam sehari 24 jam kita dijejali hingga ratusan brand. apapun bentuknya itu. mulai dari bangun tidur sampai tidur lagi. bagaimana tidak? kita tidak dapat menghindari yang namanya Iklan, saya akan membahas disini adalah Media baru yang di namakan TTL (Trough The Line) dimana media yang satu ini labih dipakai oleh agency untuk strategi Brand Activation. tujuannya adalah, hanya mengingt kembali brand yang sudah ada. makanya kebanyakan dari mereka yang memakai TTL adalah brand yang sudah internasional dan besar. ciri khas dari TTL adalah implementasinya di tempat-tempat keramaian, dan banyak yang lalu lalang.

    berikut contoh karya TTL
    [Lay’s] Lay’s Machine


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