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Animation Is A Cost Effective Communications Tool


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Production costs are a big factor in commissioning any agency (PR, advertising, production, animation). Here are 5 reasons why using 3D animation can save you money.
1. Modern 3D animation tools are very efficient. 
Environments, fluids, explosions, all very expensive and time consuming live action special effects can be reproduced in 3D animation extremely quickly. Rendering (calculation of finished imagery) and simulation times are a fraction of what they used to be. Quad core machines plus dedicated software for specific effects have enabled the heaviest of scenes to render in hours, or at worst a day, compared to the weeks we suffered as little as 5 years ago. 
2. 3D environments are now realistic. 
Almost every modern-day feature film contains some aspect of CGI (computer generated imagery) enhancement. In many cases location filming requires the addition (or replacement) of buildings, sky, cars or people, in fact any number of background objects. This means some of the huge production costs previously dedicated to build sets, hire helicopters and extras can be saved. 3D environmental software can produce everything from dense forest (Avatar) to exploding skyscrapers (Transformers) and provided the scenes are well executed, the audiences wont know the difference. 
3. Animation assets are suitable across different mediums. 
A feature we discover many prospective clients are unaware of. Provided the animation company knows in advance, assets used in a TV commercial, documentary or film can be reproduced for print, web or any other delivery medium. 
4. Animated characters have no shelf life. 
Actors, models or personalities can change in appearance as they age. Additionally, real people occasionally come under scrutiny for transgressions in their personal life. Animated characters on the other hand can evolve, become better looking, speak multiple languages and may never look a day older than when first created. The Michelin Man or Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger have never been photographed by the paparazzi leaving a nightclub after a few too many beers.
5. Animation can be revised. 
Unlike photography, 3D animation can be changed or manipulated to generate vastly different results. Even the greatest Photoshop artist in the world cannot make an underexposed photograph taken in the middle of the night look like it was captured on a sunny day. 3D animation cant do that either, but it can be re-lit and re-rendered to produce any image, in any light, in any weather, under any circumstances.

But the question still, how effective a 3D animated ads convey the message to the audience?

Tony Sealy

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