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TV footage to build public opinion


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As a developing country, Indonesia had a typical community in a relatively similar characters with other developing country communities. Although the portrait society in Indonesia depending on the sunglasses which looked at it but the character “impressionable external factors” remain, if not said to be dominant. This character is ancestral heritage culture society in Indonesia.

A popular TV footage in Indonesia

A popular TV footage in Indonesia

However, most people in Indonesia began a critical stance on many shows external influence gained through various media. They generally have good insight in the field of knowledge and religion so that it can filter all information received through a variety of media. Numerically, the number of people in Indonesia who have the ability so much that it hasn’t needed government policies and the role of society Indonesia to sift through the information overload of the disbursed mainly through the medium of television.

A popular news recently in Indonesia

A popular news recently in Indonesia

In the previous article, the author ever told that the television media is very effective in influencing the behavior of people in Indonesia as a developing country communities. When an information from a man who is widely known by the public airing continuously and coupled with a narrative that could effect the sympathy of the community then that’s when people start to lose the logic in analyzing the substance of the news. The community is already hypnotized by the charm of the characters in the show and may begin to forgive even forget the character of action which goes against the moral values of society.

A TV news footage

A TV news footage

Excessive coverage through TV footage is mirrors the character of the community. This is called building a positive self-image in society. Believe me, this ever happens in Indonesia.

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