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Why is “Online Reputation Management” important for us?


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A 2009 Nielsen global online consumer survey reveals that recommendations from personal acquaintances are the most TRUSTED form of advertising : 90% of respondents said they trusted them “COMPLETELY” or “SOMEWHAT.”

Online reputation management

Online reputation management
(image by libeltyseo.com)

Online reputation management (or monitoring) is the practice of monitoring a reputation on the Internet in order to monitor, assess and control the perception of that reputation. The web has evolved into a giant social community where people interact and exchange ideas. Just as they would do with friends in an offline environment, online users ask peers for advice and trust users more than they trust advertisements.

It is now common practice for consumers to leave reviews online. They do so on their own blogs, on other peoples’ blogs, on Facebook and Twitter, on restaurant review sites, and everywhere social media network they can.

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