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Television advertising is very influential in Indonesia

Indonesian society has norms and non-verbal communication is so unique. Even among tribes or ethnic communities are there in Indonesia, has been so diverse. Many areas have their own norms.

TV station in Indonesia

TV station in Indonesia

Eating habits different course, will make a difference in the advancement of the food industry from one area to another. Not surprisingly, for food and beverage products, it is difficult a brand can dominate the national market share equally in each area.

One other important external factors that make a difference in consumer behavior is the level of education. With approximately 50% are high school graduates to urban communities and about 60% who did not finish junior high school for rural communities, it is very difficult to imagine that the marketing strategy in the U.S. can be easily applied to the Indonesian market.

TV commercial

TV commercial

One implication of the low level of education is at least consumers who love to read. That is why the selection of advertising on television is still a very powerful medium to reach out to the Indonesian market. It’s really hard to become a national product without relying on television ads.

That is why also, the cost of advertising, 60% – 65% goes into the pockets of the television station. In fact, some countries such as Singapore, even advertising in print media is the biggest.

Not surprisingly, when the Indonesian consumers actually digesting less information in making decisions. Not surprising that, Indonesian consumers are sometimes more emotional in decision making process for selecting and purchasing a product.

This is only happen in Indonesia.

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  1. Tyler Smith says:

    That’s interesting that they would be more emotionally inclined to go for a product. Does that mean the ads are more… romantic for lack of a better word? Do you believe this is true in all Asian countries?

    Black and White Copies


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