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“Kultwit”, Indonesian Special Culture


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On twitter ever debate on writing blog VS. twitter College, a.k.a. “Kultwit”. Where is the medium to share knowledge or a better idea in between. But actually this is a satirical polemic upon their busy “Kultwit” then rarely writing or blogging. “Why is it not written in your blog?, it would be more clear and complete,” such opinions circulated at that time.

Kultwit, Indonesia Special Culture

Kultwit, Indonesian Special Culture

I myself was among those criticizing the people who like “Kultwit” but not blogging. If they have a blog, the contents of his “Kultwit”. But people who like this “Kultwit” have knowledge or information that are eligible to provide an idea on their blog.

After I think-thought, I finally know the reason now people like “Kultwit” than blogging. So “Kultwit” vs blogging is associated with oral culture vs written culture. Then I give the label that “Kultwit” or tweet generally as oral culture, while blogging or writing is the writing culture.

One of many Kultwit in Indonesia

One of many Kultwit in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the oral societies are more powerful and entrenched cultural appeal in writing. Unlike people in other countries that have a culture of writing more powerful. Oral has been strong since the ancestors of Indonesia. Just the information that the term “Tutur Tinular” or the story that spread is popular culture in Indonesia since ancient times.

Talking is easier than writing. We are free to talk without a clear reference to him. If we write on the blog but no clear source, could be labeled “Plagiarism”. Many “Kultwit” who allegedly took the source from the book, google, or Wikipedia. In other words many people who like “Kultwit” an information clearly without mentioning the source. This of course cannot be done if we write a blog.

In addition, writing or blogging requires knowledge of writing. Must be good at composing sentences, diction, and had a clear reference. Unlike “Kultwit” which can be random and everywhere as an oral culture. Just look at the “Kultwit” that are rewritten to the blog, and then compare the writing a regular blog, definitely different.



I don’t want to say blogging is better than “Kultwit”. By writing or blogging, information will be more complete and easy to read. Full “Kultwit” will be long once his series in the timeline, and definitely not all appear in the timeline. It took an effort to collect and read them all, even though it is numbered and the hastag. Compare with if we write on the blog and share the link in the Twitter timeline. Once enough people click and read our writing full and tasty.

The choices are yours……

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