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The Movement of Society Aware of The Media (GEMASADA) in Indonesia


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Television is a medium of communication that currently has almost owned by each household. However, television has a pretty amazing ability to penetrate hard boundaries penetrated by other mass media. Television is able to reach remote areas geographically, it is also present in public spaces to spaces that are very personal. Television is a combination of media listen & live images which can be political, informative, entertainment, education, or even a combination of these elements.

Reality Show

Reality Show

In general, broadcast television will treat people in spare moments such as during vacation, after work even in a bekerjapun people are still giving their time away for watching television. Interface programs the show markedly and drew has made television as one of the closest friends of families, especially children.

Sport show

Sport show

Television at least has a lot of influence children’s behavior patterns, such as in the aspect of cognitive and psychomotoric. Child behavior in watching television sometimes very time-consuming, making them forget their activity, and ultimately destroy the passion of learning them.



UNICEF data said that children in Indonesia spend time an average of five hours a day in front of a glass display or a total of 1,820 hours a year (last 3-5 years). This, according to UNICEF figures, far greater than the sum of their learning that 1,000 hours a year in school. So it can be said that the presence of television currently has a lot of influence in the lives of children. Kids prefer delaying their school tasks by watching a broadcast that they wait. In terms of psikomotoriknya, children tend to imitate what they see on television without knowing whether it contains positive or even vice versa.

But it cannot be denied that any television gave a positive impact on the child’s behavior. Television was able to pack the program as attractive as possible so more easily accepted by children and ultimately increase their knowledge.

Indonesia Now

Indonesia Now

With the background then by 2013 The Movement of Society Aware of The Media (GEMASADA) will be launching by Vice President of Republic Indonesia, Mr. Budiono. It invites the entire community to addressing the development of media and use it properly. GEMASADA control of the media to always run the functions of information, education, entertainment and healthy social control and become a partner of the community towards Indonesia the dicitakan together.

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