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A careful planning in making media publication to restore public confidence


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Terrorism that shook the city of Boston in the United States made a surprised much of the international community. Inevitably this event evokes the memory of a similar action that ever happened, that is the tragedy of the World Trade Center a few years ago. The city of Boston is very responsive to confront this situation by performing the steps of recovery after the occurrence of an explosion at a public facility.

A heartbreaking tragedy in Boston

A heartbreaking tragedy in Boston

The problem is, how to restore confidence of people towards the public facilities in the city of Boston? When his physical repairs only took a few days, return the image certainly is not a simple issue, because it involves emotions and beliefs of society that cannot be measured. Returns the image and this belief obviously need hard work. I guess the Governor of Boston will make every effort to keep the trust of the community, both local and international, could recover. How to do an intensive public approach to all stake holder with an interest in Boston in particular.

The display Windows of similar terrorism incidents that have occurred in Indonesia, I think the Governor of Boston and their supporting agencies will be focusing on the strategy of communication to the public. In addition to help from the u.s. Government.

When the Hotel JW Marriott suffered terrorism in 2002, the hotel management gets help from the Jakarta provincial government in the form of Media Center to handle the crisis. The purpose of the establishment of the Media Center, to head off any negative issues about the Security. Hotel management is also aware that to recover as before it takes and long process.

One expert management in Indonesia when the requested advice in dealing with a crisis of confidence concerning terrorism in JW Marriott Hotel even suggested that management was at least doing the two step again. First, make the monuments, statues, for example, as a symbol that the place was once the disaster claimed lives. This is to honor the victims of the explosion at Hotel JW Marriott. Second, perform religious rituals ceremony to pray for the deceased victim. Of course must be coupled with promotional efforts to ensure that it is safe and comfortable visit.

It takes a careful planning in making a media publication to restore public confidence.

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