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Do TV Commercials have bad effects in Indonesia?


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Lately the Development of commercial industry has been increasing rapidly. There are plenty of commercials in Indonesia’s TV Channels such as beauty tv commercial, health tv commercial, and insurance TV commercial. Unfortunately the government and advertising industry do not really care about the effects of bad messages from the TV commercials. Honestly the Indonesia’s commercials are very good but the fact is there are still many Indonesia’s TV commercials which consist of bad values and messages that can influence Indonesians. Consequently, many people are influenced and they often accept the wrong messages and be persuaded by the Indonesia’s TV commercials. There are some bad effects of TV commercials in Indonesia such as changing people’s paradigm, encouraging consumption of instant products, and fooling people especially uneducated people and children.



TV Commercials have created some certain images to change people’s paradigm or mindset and advertising agencies do not care about people’s mindset. Moreover, it will be very good to them if people change their paradigm and have thoughts that they are full of weaknesses so they have to buy their products to feel more complete, to be more confident. For example, there is a woman stereotype that advertising industries have created in Indonesia. This is reflected in beauty TV commercials such as in POND’S Flawless White, Hi lo teen and Sunsilk straight. The beauty TV commercials have taught Indonesian women that they should be tall and slim, have white skin and long  hair to be called beautiful. TV commercials also give a certain image of success. They present an ideal concept of successful person with luxurious house, car and lifestyle. From the TV commercials, people are given the idea that it is the perfect image of life. They have to buy the product to feel successful. It is presented by many developers through TV commercials such as Agung Sedayu Group TV commercials about apartments and houses.

Agung sedayu

Agung sedayu

People nowdays are very busy with their lives and they need something to help them finish their things as fast as it can be. TV commercials have made people believe that they just have to buy the products to get something in short time and it  has given the unrealistic purposes to people. First is it  gives the idea that everything is easy to get , for example if you want to get a tall body, you just need to buy faster-growing products such as Zenith Grow. TV commercials also sell the products that are not so important and expensive enough, for example, buying faster cooker pan than regular pan in their TV commercials like Happy Call TV commersial. It is fine if people really need the product, but sometimes people are usually trapped with the idea that anything instant is better than doing things manually or gradually according to the process.

Happy call

Happy call

TV commercials may also give the uneducated people and children the wrong information to persuade them buying the products without giving exact source of information. They usually just present a message to attract people and to get people’s attention with their information. Consequently, uneducated people and children are easily fooled by them. The examples of the TV commercials that fool uneducated people is Mie Sedap that give information how this product are healthy to consume by stating some datas without exact details on the source. The fact, eating instant noodle is not healthy for human body. However, the uneducted people will just believe the information and buy the products.  Another example is from candy and TV commercial such as Milkita which give information that eating some of them would be the same as consuming some glasses of milk. Children will use this information as an excuse to eat more and more candies while there is actually no exact information on the source that says consuming them is the same as consuming milk.



People now have been persuaded by many advertisements especially TV commercials. Unfortunately, there are still many TV commercials that give bad values or messages to be presented in people’s lives. Consequently, there are many bad effects of the TV commercials such as changing people’s paradigm, encouraging consumption of instant products, and fooling people especially uneducated people and chlidren. The government and the society still have to be aware of this. Above all, the most important thing is advertising agencies have to make better version of TV commercials in order to prevent the bad effects of TV commercials that disrupt people’s lives and help to create a good quality of next generation.
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