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The ten formulas of commercial writing


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Gene Schwartz was one of the greatest advertising writers who ever lived. Many of his ads were written using formulas.



Here are 10 of his favorite ad writing formulas:
1. Numbered lists.
Example: “The Seven Deadliest Crimes Against Yourself.
2. How-to headlines.
Example: “How to Make Anybody Like You!
3. Secrets.
Example: “Secrets of Eastern Super-Men Revealed at Last!
4. Question headlines.
Example: “Why Haven’t TV Owners Been Told These Facts?
5. Reason-why headlines.
Example: “Why Models Stay Young Till Sixty!
6. Make a big promise.
Example: “I’ll Make You a Mental Wizard as Easily as This!
7. Reference to a foreign or exotic location.
Example: “Doctors in Sweden Say There is a Cure for Arthritis.
8. Put a time reference in the headline.
Example: “One Day with This Man Could Make You Rich!
9. Use the word “now” in the headline.
Example: “Now-Run Your Car Without Spark Plugs!
10. Don’t pay any.
Example: “Don’t Pay Till This Course Turns You Into a Human Computer!

Once Schwartz found a formula that worked, he would adapt it to many other ads for many different products.

Marco Fossati.

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