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Deaf people with job opportunities in the multimedia design creative industries


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Most people in Indonesia who are deaf guests require a lot more effort to be able to work in a variety of industry sectors. With the ability to hear less and even could not hear at all, the chance to work in the creative industries is obviously smaller when compared to normal people. Although they had the talent and creative education. In Indonesia, the opportunity to work for the disabled, hearing impaired is still limited to certain jobs, although many deaf persons working in fields directly related to the others. Just the number of deaf persons information estimated at 1.25% of the total population of Indonesia in 2010 or about 2.962.500 inhabitants.

Deaf student

Deaf student

As we know, creative industries in particular areas of multimedia design desperately need the ability of creative people who are able to interact with the elements of multimedia, picture and sound. Almost all applications of multimedia design has elements of sound as one of the supporting element in conveying messages/information to the viewers. However there are a few application design multimedia does not emphasize the delivery of messages on the voice or sound only as supporting elements/entertainment purposes only. On this multimedia application, the essence of the message conveyed through elements of the text, images and animation and video. Multimedia design applications like this one might be a multimedia website.

How the role of deaf persons who have an interest to plunge in the creative field of multimedia design industry? Everyone always has a talent that can be optimized in some conditions. As well as the people who are deaf guests. They may have to think about and look for the best talent they can contribute a great if they want to work in a creative field of multimedia design industry. Some students in the multimedia design program at the InterStudi School of Design (STDI) deaf guests. Their creative abilities are very competitive especially on creativity of image processing and animation. They obviously have the talent and great enthusiasm in some lessons related to image manipulation and animation. We are obviously very supportive of their talent to be able to study in the field of multimedia design.

There is no success without hard work. Albert Einstein once said that success is the contribution of 99% hard work and 1% talent. Hopefully this is always true on everyone.

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