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The ability in writing for student of multimedia design


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Student world in General is a world that many provide opportunities to think creatively. The process of thinking in education to achieve a certain standard requires a lot of references from a variety of sources. Not uncommon in the search for the necessary process of reference documentation in the form of writing that can later be read back. This kind of thing can certainly be understood as one of the stages in the process of creative thinking.

Writing blogs

Writing blogs

In General, the educational level of the atmosphere under the graduate in Indonesia strongly supports the ability of students to think creatively in order to find the solution of any problem in everyday life. When demands for creative thinking that is associated with the ability of writing ideas and concepts from a solution then clearly that most students in Indonesia do not always have the willingness and the ability to write a good one. They may be able to find a reference that is related to the issue at hand. But the stage to pour the ideas and concepts that appear in the form of documentation in the form of writing that is easily understood by others this is not optimal. In many accounts in other countries with more advanced education system from Indonesia, the process of creative thinking with one of the stages is to pour the ideas and concepts in the form of writings have been very common. Is this related to this paradigm or mindset is local (only in Indonesia)? Whether writing is avoided because just spending the time or daily flurry of students (in Indonesia) that hinder its ability in writing? Do the activities of writing are obstacles for the process of creating especially for students of (multimedia) design?

It is not easy to find out the real constraints of a State like this. When the author of the menngadakan a small survey about the number of students in the field of multimedia design-private education institutions-design field who have blogs as a means to transmit ideas and creative thinking, the results were very surprising. If the number of students compiled by year of entry (force) then less than 20% of the total students have blogs as a means of conveying the information is good idea, concept or writing is personal and commercial. The fact as this is obviously not good for their development in the future where the demands will be a process of creating well-ordered through stages that prevalent and supported by the ability of students to find references and write it.

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  1. Anto Motulz, once said you have to write down your ideas. In case you forget it, underestimate it or whatnot, you always can take a look at your writing/notes and explore the ideas out of it. Just like you said, Sir.

    The culture in Indonesia, somehow take its toll why student or common people are lazy to write and read. Of course, the progress of literacy rate is significant for decades, but we just don’t really read and write, do we?

    In Indonesia, from what I see, most of people are tend to praise reading than writing, whereas both of them are important. In my opinion, by writing down your ideas or concepts on the internet, gives you an advantage. It’s improve your writing skill if you are consistent. Just like the idea of internet itself, your writing can be read by people all over the world, and it is possible to someone to have a common thought and share something, so you can discuss the ideas on a larger scale. Give people something to read and/or discuss, so you get to know more people. I mean the idea of interactivity between internet users.

    I think, in this case, the writings are not about your personal life or something like that, but also not always a deep topic. The writings are not always about long paragraphs, you can also just make a full color illustration, like mind-mapping style. Share something, don’t let the ideas get buried deep down in your head.


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