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The need of a website for Indonesia’s Traditional Dance…


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Indonesia is the country that is inherited with a wealth of diverse-range of culture. One of the cultural diversity that gives cultural complexion varied, dynamic, and very in depth is the intensity of the dance. Dance is one of the branches of art that gets great attention in the community. Like the language of motion, it becomes a tool of human expression in works of art. As a means or a universal medium of communication, dance put yourself in a position that can be enjoyed by anyone and at any time. As a means of communication, dance has an important role in the life of the community. At dance events can function according to their significance. The community needs a dance not only as an aesthetic satisfaction, but it also as a means of religious ceremonies and customs.

Dance, too often we see in various events either through the medium of television (TV), as well as a variety of other activities such as special events in the form of concert dance, spectacle organized event packages, for example by Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), packet event held by Ancol art market, and events in the activities of the Union as well as the spectacle of events related to the religious, marriage and other parties related to tradition.

Need to know, already many cases who want to claim a dance nusantara indonesia. E.g. reog ponorogo dance derived from east java claimed as one of the shades of culture malaysia. This is really sad to see one of the hue of our cultural recognized any other nation. An example the case may be said as a slap loud for the people of indonesia should not let any shades of culture recognized by any other nation. As a nation which love will culture his own country there ought to be a sincere desire to studies, preserving, even introduced him to the international arena, so will have no claim indonesian culture who dares to mention particularly its dance. Hence to be more easily obtaining information for studies, preserving, even promoting to the international arena, then required a source of the media in the form of an interactive medium online in the form of a website.

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