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For blogger, here are the 12+ styles of blogging….


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So many styles of blogging. We divide it to 12+ styles. Also we rate it with Buzz Index. Buzz Index (BI) is the rating that indicates how likely a blog post of this style is likely to be linked to and commented on (1 is low, 5 is high). Here are the styles:

1. Insight Blogging (BI=4)
Sharing insights, original ideas, commentary or trends on a
particular topic. Many consider this the most difficult type of blogging to do.

2. Ambition Blogging (BI=2)
Blogging about something with the aim of trying to attain it – usually by targeting the decision makers through the blog post.

3. Meme Blogging (BI=5)
Starting a thread of discussion by sharing your response to a query and then challenging other bloggers to answer it on their own blogs.

4. Piggyback Blogging (BI=3)
Writing about a topic that is currently popular in the news
media, on meme sites like Tailrank or on blog search
engines like Technorati to capitalize on attention.

5. Life Blogging (BI=2)
Also called reality blogging, this involves a blog post
sharing the story of something that happened to you in your personal life.

6. Brand Blogging (BI=2)
A post about a brand or product focused on sharing positive
attributes or an inside look posts in this category are
(often) an official or unofficial view based on a personal
association with a brand.

7. Detractor Blogging (BI=3)
Share a passionate hatred for a product or brand, get revenge or redemption by recounting a negative experience or tell a story that casts a person or thing in a negative light.

8. Announcement Blogging (BI=5)
Break news about an announcement or news that was not previously available elsewhere. For maximum effect, being the first to break the news matters most.

9. Link Blogging (BI=4)
Collecting a series of links to websites, blogs or other online content to create a list of resources with links in a single blog post.

10. Video Blogging (BI=3)
Creating original video and putting online in a blog post or
embedding a video from YouTube or another video sharing site into a post and commenting on it. Ratings are based on creating original video for blog posts.

11. Photo Blogging (BI=2)
Making the main content of your blog post a photograph or series of photographs with or without some kind of captions to tell the story.

12. Review Blogging (BI=3)
Offer your expertise or personal opinion to review a product or service and share an honest assessment. This type of blogging can be solicited or done independently.

13. Evangelist Blogging (BI=3)
Passionate blog post sharing an affinity and support for a social cause, organization, product or individual that you believe in. These posts are meant to inspire others to believe in the same thing.

14. List Blogging (BI=5)
This is the highly popular format of the top ten (or any other number) lists about something. Blog posts in this type of format are frequently bookmarked and shared.

15. Survey Blogging (BI=4)
Starting a dialogue by asking for readers opinions by offering a survey to answer or an open question for them to respond to through a comment or blog post.

16. Feature Blogging (BI=4)
Creating an ongoing feature category as in a magazine or article and then continually posting to it with new thoughts and ideas that fit together under the same theme.

17. Repost Blogging (BI=1)
Taking a post or article from another location and reposting a significant part of it as a blog post with limited original commentary. Spam blogs or splogs that republish posts for the sake of trying to get traffic to their Google keyword ads are not included in this style. Repost Blogging should only include content relevant to your blog and be used as a quick way to post when you dont have time to do a real blog post.

Rohit Bhargava, Influential Marketing Blogger | 360° Digital Influence.

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