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The e-Business Evolution by Daniel Amor…


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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing should follow these rules:

1. Brands : Your Web site becomes your most important brand.

2. Change : Be aware that the rules on the Internet are changing.

3. Conciseness : Keep your pages short and spread information across several pages.

4. Content : Content is king; don’t bore your customers.

5. Dynamic sites : Create dynamic sites that use new technologies to adapt information based on user profiles.

6. Finances : Try new markets with low advertising pricing schemes.

7. Free giveaways : Create freebie offerings for your loyal customers.

8. Global village : Think global, but localize.

9. Live events : Online events create fast awareness.

10. Niche markets : The Internet is a series of niche markets and mass markets.

11. Promotion : Promote your site everywhere.

12. Syndication : Co-brand your services and products.

13. Technology : Use Internet technology to maximize your marketing objectives.

Focus on the 5 P’s

1. Products : Review your products and choose the products that are the most suitable for your online business-put these on your Web page first.

2. Promotion : Promote your site through advertising and offer cross-selling on your Web site.

3. Presentation : The presentation of your online business needs to have easy-to-use site navigation, and the look and feel should be based on corporate logos and standards.

4. Processes : Customer support processes need to be integrated into your Web sites.

5. Personalization : Prepare your order management, logistics, and technical infrastructure to cope with the orders from the Internet and personalize the Web site for every single customer.

Successful Business Online

In order to have a successful business online, the visual presentation of your Web site needs to follow rules:

1. Content : Focus your attention first on content and then on design.

2. Consistency : Design your site consistently without varying the content.

3. Density : Break up content into little pieces without tearing it apart.

4. Design : Use few colors without designing a monotone Web site.

5. Size : Use small graphics with large impact.

Attracting Visitors to Your Site :
1. Offering free information
2. Personalization
3. Support online and offline reading
4. Cross-marketing and cross-selling
5. Be faster than your customers
6. Event marketing

Amor, Daniel (2002). The e-Business (R)evolution. Prentice Hall.

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