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Website Standard for Hotels, Resorts and CVBs…


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Good Websites

Good website must be Active and Interactive.

– Prime real estate is the top 1/4 of the page.
– Updated specials and events.
– Affiliate Programs.
– Information Request, Contacts.

– Log-ons for VIP membership.
– 3-5 areas to gather information.
– Easy links to promotions.
– Preferred visitor password.
– Downloads, freebies.

Prime Real Estate-Top ¼ page:
– Membership and registration logos and links.
– Contact points, e-mail links, phone, fax @ top and bottom of page (Test them frequently!).
– Hot links to membership specials, downloads.

Active Areas

How you want to be seen by your website visitors, such as:
– Active Areas make your website sticky gives visitors a reason to return frequently.
– Active Areas are your Icon, the look of your hotel or destination.
– Active Areas include:
1. Updated Specials and Events.
2. Affiliate Programs.
3. Information Requests, Contact Info.

More on Website Active Areas:
– Updated Specials and Events: Short and Long-term membership and attendance promotions.
– Contact Information: Easily found and accurate mailing address, phone, fax and toll-free numbers.
– Affiliate Programs: Sell affiliate links to area suppliers as part of your website: DMCs, Hotel Ads, Tours, Registration Services.
– Charity Tie-ins are good Katrina, Red Cross, etc.
– Event photos; members like to see other members.
– Eliminate any Photo not available Pardon Our Dust, or Coming Soon items.

The rule of website standards:
– Use the Top ¼ of the page.
– Flash vs. Standard Options available.
– Eliminate slow-load graphics they are spam traps.
– Events, schedules, specials updated regularly.
– Test call, e-mail, fax and write all contact points.
– Fax & Telephone response critical websites drive telephone and fax traffic.
– Auto-response for initial contact, test response time for follow-up on all inquiries.
– Have FUN with it! Project a positive image!

E-Marketing for Hotels, Resorts and CVBs by Thomas Pasha.

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