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Have you heard about New Media?…


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New Media

New media usually refers to a group of relatively recent mass media based on new information technology. It is based on computing technology and not reducible to communication in a traditional sense. Most frequently the label would be understood to include the Internet and World Wide Web, video games and interactive media, CD-ROM and other forms of multimedia popular from the 1990s on. The phrase came to prominence in the 1990s, and is often used by technology writers like those at Wired magazine and by scholars in media studies. -Wikipedia

Forms of New Media

Can you think of some forms of new media? These are examples of New Media :
– Feeds
– Blogs
– Voice over Internet Protocol
– Podcasts
– PDAs, handhelds, blackberrys, phones with wireless internet access
– Webcams
– Tivo
– Community portals (e.g. Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, online dating services)

But wait, what about these examples :
– Cassette tapes
– Record players
– Tape recorders
– Telegram
– Telephone
– Digital cameras
– Cable television
– Diaries
Are these examples of new media? Is new media new? What are some historical considerations?

Media History

An important strand of media history argues that media are not fixed natural objects, but develop as complex formations of habits, beliefs, and procedures.

To understand what is meant for old media to be new is to come to recognize that through history, the meaning of any new media is up for grabs: its social role, who can make use of it, who will organize its distribution, etc.
This approach is intended to make us think critically about any argument along the lines of the internet has changed the world. -Craig Robertson.

Information and communication technology shapes our perceptions, distributes our pictures of the world to one another, and constructs different forms of control over the cultural stories that shape our sense of who we are and our world. The instant we develop a new technology of communication talking drums, papyrus scrolls, books, telegraph, radios, televisions, computers, mobile phones we at least partially reconstruct the self and its world, creating new opportunities for reflection, perception, and social experience… -Burnett, Robert and Marshall, David P., Web Theory.

Content Editors and Librarian Subject Specialists: Maria Carpenter and Julie Jersyk.

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