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Tips of copywriting for blog and website…


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Writing for your Blog

A blog is an online journal or repository thats updated regularly and focuses quite narrowly on a specific topic.

Pointers to Blog Copywriting:
1. Think about what your customers will be interested in.
2. Focus on specific topic or angle & stick to it.
3. Keep individual articles short (even if you have long articles).
4. Great way to improve website ranking through SEO.
5. Personal stories & case studies make for good reading.
6. Advice articles are very popular.
7. Encourage audience interaction with your blog post.

Writing for your Website

Writing for your Website equal with public face of your brand online.
1. Content should be general & informative.
2. Your product solves their problem.
3. Provide valuable content for those familiar with your offerings.
4. What do people need to find & learn?
5. Short copy written to encourage an action.
6. Point visitors to best content.

Lecturer material, University of Cape Town, 2011.

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