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A multimedia management case (Building a serious urban game)…


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In this document we describe a concept and a business plan for a serious urban game that we developed during the case ‘Multimedia Management’ at the Hogeschool Zuyd in Maastricht. The given subject for the game is ‘citizenship’.


Our team consists of 4 students. Ben Daenen, Kristel Coolen, Kyrill Bruurs and Britt Peters. We all study Communication and Multimedia design. Ben and Kristel in Genk and Kyrill and Britt in Maastricht. We all have different competences which ensure that we have a complete team.


We see a future where Belgium can become one country again. At this moment Belgium is separated into three parts that speak different languages. Two of these parts namely the Flemish and the Walloon part don’t seem to get along very well. It is as if these parts don’t only speak a different language but also they think they are completely different. But they actually are not. They are all Belgians, part of the same country. They have the same soccer team, the same politics the same sports and music heroes. But still they don’t get along. This is why our mission is to bring these population groups back together.


We will bring these groups back together through the youth. For the older generation it is probably too late to explain to them that Belgians are “one”. But the youngsters can still learn.
But how are we going to do this. Well, in Belgium you are supposed to go voting when you turn 18. But another thing Walloon and Flemish youngsters have in common is that they don’t know anything about politics. They don’t know what any party stands for. So how can they vote then? They just mark the same things their parents vote for. This way nothing can ever change in that country. If we can make these youngster more political aware and show them what political parties connect to their ideas, they will also see that the rest of Belgium has parties that have the same ideas as the ones in their part. For example, the Flemish youngsters will understand that their Open VLD has a lot in common with the Walloon MR.
Therefore our vision is to bring two parts of a country back together by improving the political awareness of youngsters.

Business Models (The Six Engine)


We are CMD students with a vision. We want to work together with the Belgian government to make politics and voting popular again. And show youngsters that every vote counts. We have the knowledge and the creativity to make a change and help youngsters being more aware of politics. Therefore we use all our talents like web development and storytelling to produce a game to make this happen.


The target is to develop a concept of a serious urban game about “citizenship”. This is a very complex and broad subject, so we narrowed it down. This serious urban game will be about politics and more specifically about the political awareness of Belgian youngsters between the ages of 17 and 21. We choose this topic because of our target group analysis. We found out that these Belgian youngsters are first time voters, but don’t know what they are voting on. This is going to change when they play the game. If we can make them more aware
about politics, they can change an entire country.
Therefore our aim is to bring together two different kinds of people through proper political awareness. When the youngsters know what politics are all about and know what they vote for, this will bring Flemish and Walloon youngsters closer together and it will make them ‘ONE’.


The target group is Belgian youngsters. Therefore the game will take place in Belgium, and more specifically in the capital Brussels. The game can be played in an area of 2 km of a main point in the game.
There is only one starting point because the groups are put together by an internet test and travel from their schools to this starting point. If there were more points, starting the game would get too difficult.


This game will be played as a preparation for the upcoming elections in October. That’s why the game will begin in May 2012 end will end September 2012. By starting this early and stopping right before the elections we hope these youngsters will be fully prepared and know what party best meets their ideas. By not stopping before September we hope our game will still be fresh in the memory of the first time voters.


This serious urban game will work on almost all smartphones. The application is built for iOS, android and blackberry. There will not be a version for Windows phone because there are only a few Belgian users of this platform. Also GPS is needed to play this game, this GPS system will interact with the mobile device and give the direct location of the gamer and the target.
The most exciting part of the game is that it isn’t an individual game. Everyone is part of a team based on the contestants’ political views. This way other team members can help getting to the targets and help the individual players win the game.


In our target group analysis we found out that first time voters don’t know what they are voting for. They just aren’t interested in politics and just vote on the same parties their parents vote on. This way young people keep voting on the same parties as their parents and nothing ever changes.
Therefore we need to inform them about the importance of politics and help them in their search of finding a political party that has ideas close to the youngsters’ individual ideas.

Source :
Kristel Coolen – Ben Daenen – Britt Peters – Kyrill Bruurs
R.Weldam, J. Van Sintfiet & P.Mechels
Hogeschool Zuyd Maastricht, 2012

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